Community Service

Wilton Emergency Services is a local mobile healthcare provider serving the needs of the Towns of Wilton, Saratoga and Northumberland along with the Villages of Schuylerville and Victory Mills.

In addition to serving our local 911 emergency responses, we also serve our community by offering First-Aid and CPR Classes to the citizens of Saratoga County. We are an American Heart Association Certified Training Site, offering all of the AHA’s courses at our facility.

We also provide non-emergency transports for local nursing homes, and long-term care facilities. This also includes Speciality Care Transports (SCT) when it is necessary to be transported to a hospital that provides a higher level of care. Our caring and compassionate providers see to it that you and your families are comforted during stressful times.

We offer Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs to many of our local EMS, Fire & Law Enforcement partners. These courses are taught by our highly experienced instructors who have over 100 combined years of mobile healthcare experience. We compliment this experience with the use of cutting edge patient simulations that immerses our students into realistic clinical scenarios.

Event Medics

Wilton Emergency Squad, Inc. leaders will work with you to develop a plan so medical services are tailored to meet the needs and budget of your unique event. No event is too small or too big!

For example, a small event, such as a street fair or a 5K, that has little stress on its participants might be covered by a single EMT. Larger gatherings like marathons or a sporting event, require the development of a more comprehensive medical team plan which may include EMTs, paramedics, and physicians.


  • Roving Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics
  • BLS or ALS Ambulance Coverage
  • Communications
  • Pre-Event Planning
  • Weather & Situational Monitoring

Falls & Related Injury

Falls are all too common among older individuals living at home, and are often life-changing events that lead to severe injury, rehospitalization, loss of independence, and early death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in three adults aged 65 and older experiences at least one fall each year, but less than half of them communicate this to a health professional. The CDC also reports that, among older adults, falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries, and contributed to more than two million emergency room visits in 2010.

Fortunately, there is evidence to suggest that falls are not a normal part of aging and many falls are preventable in the older population and can be prevented.

A Wilton Emergency Squad, Inc. trained professional will come out and conduct a home safety audit and educate you and your family on how to best prevent falls in the home.

If you are in the Saratoga Springs area please contact us at 518-587-5590 today to schedule a home safety assessment.

Telemedicine Support

Not every 911 call has to go to the hospital.  We understand that there are a number of conditions that can be treated in the home.  To better serve our community, Wilton EMS has partnered with telehealth providers to provide you a true mobile healthcare experience right in your home. Our telehealth services can help you avoid a costly trip to the emergency department, offering care provided by our Paramedics right on site.

How does it work?

Telemedicine allows patients to access technology to connect them to healthcare practitioners when appropriate.

  • A 911 call is made requesting an ambulance
  • Our crew will arrive; if the patient is not acutely ill or injured we can offer to facilitate a telehealth visit
  • We then conduct a visit with the patient, paramedic and physician as needed
  • Come to a consensus decision on treatment and final determination on transportation to a medical facility

Medication Reconciliation

Medication reconciliation is the process where medications prescribed by a medical practitioner are checked to ensure they match the current list of medications the patient is taking. Depending on the patients needs, this can be accomplished in different ways. Most require it whenever a patient is admitted, transferred and discharged. In each situation they strive for the same goal which is to avoid all types of medications errors that can negatively effect their patients.

Here are some common mistakes that can be made:

  • Medications can be accidentally listed multiple times or not at all.
  • Some drugs can be listed that patients never have taken before or their medical practitioner never prescribed.
  • Medications can also have the wrong dose, route, frequency and time of administration.
  • In some cases they may not be appropriate for the patient due to drug allergies or they are irrelevant to the patient’s current situation.

From any of these mistakes, the patients can end up taking the wrong medication or not receiving the right drug they need to take care of their health condition.

If you are a physican in the Saratoga Springs area and would like one of our trained staff to conduct a reconciliation for one of your patients please contact us at 518-587-5590.

Wilton Emergency Squad, Inc. also offers this program to patients and their families. Contact us today.